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Based on global statistics, we can say with confidence that the best designers live mainly in Italy and the Netherlands. The Italians are great at industrial design, the Dutch are great at graphic design and architecture. And even by following the new concepts of engineers and designers from the country of tulips on the World Wide Web, we are convinced of this every day. Dutch designers have always been famous for their unconventional approach to business. Their unique characteristic features of style and mood, individual approach to the smallest details explain the impeccability of the final result.

NMC Product SampleNMC Product Sample

NMC is a classic Dutch company with the best traditions. In addition to design, they devote a significant part of their time to researching technologies for developing new raw materials for production. In addition to moldings and accessories, NMC also produces products for sports, leisure and gardening. They are mostly made from the same material as stucco .

NMC Product SampleNMC Product Sample

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